If something has given us the strength and courage to move on within this whole nightmare that we are experiencing, it has been all the solidarity we are receiving. We have received solidarity from our town, from Navarre,from Euskal Herria, from different places of the world: photos, videos, messages of encouragement, hugs … We have a message for all of them: we want to thank you from our heart. Here below you have a sample of the solidarity that we have received.

Massive demonstration

Summoned by the Alsasua City Council, residents of Alsasua and relatives, on 26 November a demonstration was held in the streets of Alsasua. The crowd that approached left us impressed: about 20,000 people, from different corners of Euskal Herria. Applause and silence was the only thing heard during the demonstration, but the felt the warmth and support of all the participants deep in our hearts. Thank you very much.

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Acts the 14th of each month

They arrested our sons and daughters on November 14. Every 14th month they are serving one more month in prison. Taking that date as a reference, each month a special mobilization is organized in Alsasua. In December panels were opened and a large photo was taken. In January a caravan of cars was made, although the weather did not help much. In February, all the lights of Alsasua were extinguished and candles of solidarity were lit. In March, a noisy “cacerolada” crossed the streets of our town. Below you can see photos and videos of the acts.

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Special acts

In addition to the concentrations that, at first daily and weekly, are made in Alsasua, our people have given us countless signs of solidarity. Both acts organized on special days of the municipality (Santa Agueda, Carnavales …) or acts and mobilizations that have brought together many people: Day of gastronomic clubs, human network … Here you have summarized.

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Solidarity of local groups from Altsasu

Alsasua is a village with a very rich associative network: music groups, sports clubs, theater groups, cultural and social groups … Since the beginning of the case there have been many groupsthat have shown their solidarity with our sons and daughters In their acts, or even organized special things to spread and make known our situation. From here we want to give our most sincere thanks.

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#AltsasukoakAske campaign

After the detentions, the popular assembly of Alsasua arisen around this subject launched the campaign #AltsasukoakAske (those of Alsasua free ). People were asked to take a picture with a poster and upload it to Twitter or mail it. There were hundreds of photos received. Here you have them summarized in a video.

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