October 2, 2023
Information About Dental Treatments, Devices, Specialties, And Conditions

The Dental Association has created a website for students to learn about the basic terminology of dentistry. The site contains lists of dental terms in alphabetical order. Users can click on the first letter of any term to jump to the appropriate section. The site also has information about dental careers and events, and games and animations to help students learn the basics. If you are looking for the best Abu Dhabi dental center, see over here. 

Common dental treatments:

Dental treatment is important for your general health. If your teeth are not healthy, you could be at risk of infection, bone loss, and gum disease. Your dentist can detect these problems through X-rays. Some dentists use bitewing X-rays to detect problems, while others use panoramic X-rays to check for impacted teeth. Panoramic X-rays are more comprehensive than bitewing X-rays and can also detect tumors and bone abnormalities. Today, many dentists are using digital x-rays to improve patient care and minimize radiation exposure.

Common dental devices:

There are many dental devices, but you may not be familiar with all of them. For example, there are suction devices and ejectors that your dentist may use. A suction device uses vacuum pressure to remove saliva from your mouth. You might hear a high-pitched sound as it works, and the device may stick to your tongue or cheek.

Oral appliances are another type of device that is used to keep the upper airway open while you sleep. These appliances work by advancing the lower jaw forward and preventing the tongue from slipping back into the throat. Some of these devices also combine tongue retaining and mandibular advancement.

Common dental specialists:

There are many different types of dental specialists, each one focusing on a particular area of dentistry. For example, oral surgeons deal with issues related to the soft tissues and jaws, including gum disease, teeth alignment, and wisdom tooth extraction. These specialists also perform more complex dental procedures requiring sedation and anesthesia. In addition, they often perform procedures that involve jaw surgery, including cleft lip or palate repair.

Common dental conditions:

While many people think of oral health and dental problems as separate, they are often linked to other chronic illnesses. For instance, poor oral health is associated with diabetes and heart disease. These diseases are often preventable and can be treated with public health campaigns. Other oral health issues include teeth crowding, clenching and grinding, and oral cancer.